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Description for The Pitons

Visiting St Lucia is certainly a must- do experience all its own, but what you do while you are there will make a big difference in how you remember the island. The Pitons, St Lucia’s two volcanic mountains, are certainly some of the island’s best features, and a Gros Piton hike is an experience unlike any other.

Gros Piton stands a remarkable 2,619 feet above sea level, and coupled with Petit Piton, it is the hallmark of St Lucia’s western coast.

From the peak, you can see not only the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean, but a vast portion of the island itself. A Gros Piton hike tour is the only way to see the island from this vantage point, and the experience you will have standing at the top makes it absolutely worthwhile.

When you decide to climb Gros Piton, you will experience the literal definition of high adventure. While it is possible to climb both Gros Piton and Petit Piton, only the former is legally sanctioned by the government of St Lucia. Petit Piton is much steeper and more dangerous, while Gros Piton offers safe hiking and a much more astonishing view.

The ascent can be a bit steep in some parts, but the hike is not too difficult for most travelers. The town of Fond Gens Libre is where you will find the interpretive center and where you will obtain a guide to help you make the trip.
Bringing along a guide during this hike is required, and you will find that the tour guides are locals who know the area very well and who can provide the ultimate tour experience. The hike itself can take between three to six hours in one direction, so starting in the cool morning hours is a must in order to ensure that you make it back to the bottom by nightfall.

It is also very important that you wear comfortable footwear that offers tread for stability as well as sunscreen to help protect your skin. A camera is also highly recommended, as the view from atop Gros Piton is something that very few locations in the world can even attempt to rival.

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