Hurricane Hole Bar - at Chateau Mygo House of Seafood

Welcome to the Hurricane Hole Bar, part of the Chateau Mygo establishment. The bar is named after Walter Boudreaux, the legendary schooner captain which opened the first hotel in Marigot Bay over 60 years ago. The bar recently opened in November of 2014 and from then has been known for its ambience, aura, vibrancy and location. Sitting right on the water on the right side of Marigot Bay, the bar is right next to the water with a picturesque view  of the popular La Bas beach, the anchorage for all the visiting yachts and also a lovely view of the western horizon of the caribbean sea which makes for a perfect sunset location. No doubt, the view from the location of the bar is breath taking especially at sunset where you can spot the occasional "green flash." 


The Hurricane Hole bar boasts one of the best Happy hour's in Marigot Bay. It is scheduled everyday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm which is also the perfect time to enjoy and indulge in a tropical sunset. Our happy hour specials are 2-4-1 on all cocktails and beers! An array of lovely cocktails are served at the Hurricane Hole bar which are guaranteed to keep you wanting more! Some of the more popular drinks include our world renowned RUM PUNCH with is guaranteed to punch your lights out ! along with that we have our tasty pain killers, the Coco Loco, Pina Colada, margaritas and daiquiris of al flavors just to name a few. We also have a few different choices of beers which are always very cold including our award winning Piton Beer which is the local beer of St.Lucia. We also strive to make our bar kid friendly so we do cater for them as well also for those who cannot consume alcoholic beverages. We have a lovely list of non alcoholic cocktails to choose from and we also carry the regular soda, sparkling water, bottled water and juice. 


Our customers always come first at the Hurricane Hole hence we have well trained staff with lovely personalities to attend to your every need. Enjoy a lovely cocktail made by any of our 2 bartenders, Hassan or Kevin! These two guys are guaranteed to keep the drinks flowing ! A vibrant Caribbean atmosphere is brought to you by our staff and their warm welcomes and bright smiles shall make you feel comfortable the minute you walk in! Our guests  are also given the choice of ordering tasty bar snacks, fresh thin crust pizzas or anything else off the Chateau Mygo Restaurant's menu. That way if one does not want an actual restaurant and dining setting and wants to be more casual they can have a bit right at the bar. Our bar snacks may vary depending on the time of year but generally fish cakes, conch fritters, ceviche,  tuna tar tar, Calamari rings and chicken wings are just to name a few bar snacks one can have while at the Hurricane Hole bar. 



The Hurricane Hole is known for being very social and at anytime there is a melting pot of nationalities at the bar. We have European guess who come in with their sailboats as well as Canadians, Americans and any other nationality you can possibly think of. All genres of music are played at the bar and upon request your favorite song can be played at any given time! Tuesdays and Thursdays we are graced by the presence of the West Coast Band which presents our Reggae and Rock night ! Come dance in the bay under the stars with us where some of St.Lucia's best musicians come to entertain us and get us in the groove. We also have two flat screen televisions located in the bar which are always switched on to the sports channel for our sports lovers! Whether it be NFL , NBA, Soccer, tennis or cricket we are more than likely to be airing those games. The newest addition to the bar has been LED underwater lights which are placed on the dock which attract all the aquatic life and make it visible too our guests to marvel at. There is always a form of entertain for our guests at our establishment and we promise you an unforgettable experience. 

The Hurricane Hole open in the afternoon at 3:00pm and no doubt has the best night life in Marigot Bay. It is what everybody pictures a real seaside bar in the Caribbean looks like. Whether it be our friendly and entertaining staff, our view of the Marigot Bay sunset, our waterside view, the view of the aquatic life, our ambiance or just the drinks we assure you that you won't regret a visit to the Hurricane Hole bar !