St. Lucia Simply Beautiful

Chateau Mygo's Villas are so captivating and breathtaking its like a little escape in St. Lucia and although the view of Marigot Bay from one of our villas might be just what you need; there are also many things to do in St. Lucia which are just as captivating. You can explore the island by land of by sea. It seems that every corner of the island has one magnificent view after another. Whether by day or by night, St. Lucia offers the complete vacation.

Le Spa Marigot provides the most wonderful body care treatments in St. Lucia, and is ideally located in Marigot Bay; St. Lucia's best kept secret.

We offer a variety of treatments for men and women alike. Ranging from facials to waxes, from hair cuts to scrubs, or several different types of massages; there is something for everyone. We offer the best spa packages in St. Lucia.

Whether you're with us for an hour or for a day, Le Spa Marigot will leave you feeling revitalized. We take care of your mind, body and soul

Duty free shopping is very popular especially to guests of a foreign country. However the duty free shopping is not available everywhere. Below are popular areas for shopping which do provide the luxury of duty free shopping. Location wise, there are two main areas for shopping namely Castries which is the capital city and Gros Islet which is a popular touristic area.