Chateau Mygo's Private Chef and Catering Package!

We at the Chateau Mygo restaurant have inquired a lot of experience in the food and beverage industry over the years. We have taken recipes from around the word and infused it with our own local/ creole cuisine to bring our customers a unique, exquisite and scrumptious meal. This immense knowledge and years of experience has driven us to bring to our customers the private chef and catering package to suit the needs of our customers and show off our cooking skills. 

The private chef package is a simple initiative that allows customers to hire their own private chef and cooking team to prepare a lovely gourmet lunch/dinner for them. This package is popular amongst guests of the Chateau Mygo Villas who have rented their own villa with a fully furnished kitchen. We also make this arrangement available for any other guests who interested from other villas and properties. Our very own Chef Shaid Rambally is a chef of very high quality and bubbly personality who is more than willing to help you along the way. We adhere to your needs and present you with quality service and excellent food that i guarantee you shall not regret. Before the actual date is set, a meeting or call is schedule where the chef shall liaise with the family as to their preferences and also if there are any food allergies etc. Over the years our team has had lots of experience in Seafood, actually seafood makes up 80% of the menu at the Chateau Mygo Restaurant. Therefore we have no doubt that we have almost perfected our seafood dishes and promise to bring excellent seafood cuisine to satisfy our customers. 


The catering section on the other hand is another special package that we offer our customers. Special events, meetings, gatherings, special occasions or any other reason that a small or large group should want to gather we guarantee that we can cater the event. Whether it be casual, formal or professional we assure that we can fulfill the tasks. Whether it be big or small our experienced and hard working team are sure to get the job done. 


Our food is based on recipes from all over the world with a french/creole infusion and sometimes an indian twist. We believe this makes our food unique and definitely delicious. Below is a standard menu of our private chef package. Note that some dishes may vary depending on the availability and other factors influencing the supply at the moment.




- Tropical Garden Salad : A base of fresh crisp lettuce along with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and sometimes beets. 

- Deep Fried Calamari: Deep fried calamari rings that have been deep fried and served with homemade dipping sauce. 

- Fish Cakes: deep fried fritters made with local herbs, spices and fresh fish, served with homemade creole sauce. 

- Shrimp Tostadas : sautéed shrimps served on a tostada served with a fresh salsa. 

- Seafood Chowder : a creamy thickened soup with chunks of fish, scallops and calamari. 

- BBQ or Spicy Garlic Wings


Main Courses:

- Slow Simmered Coconut Curry Chicken 

- Sesame Seared Tuna 

- Garlic Peppered Calamari 

- Whole Red Snapper served with creole sauce 

- Grilled freshly caught mahi mahi served with your choice of white wine sauce, creole sauce, mango rum sauce or curry sauce.

- Fresh Caribbean Lobster (seasonal)

- Shrimp & scallop pasta 

- Shrimp Scampi 



- Tiramisu : cake soaked in coffee and cappuccino liquors layered with chocolate and mascarpone cheese. 

- Local Ice creams: flavors : banana, peanut, vanilla, chocolate, rum&raisin and pistachio. 

- Banana flambe : fresh local ripe banana in a well made rum sauce served warm and on fire ! 

- Banana in rum sauce :