Sunday, 16 August 2015 13:46


Diving in St. Lucia

One of the any reasons one should visit Saint Lucia its because of our lovely marine life which makes diving a must do when in St.lucia ! Since the island is volcanic the waters surrounding our beautiful island is enriched with coral reef and all types of  marine life. To one who is an experienced diver we ensure that you all not be disappointed with our dive sites in St.Lucia neither shall you be disappointed with our diving facilities. To a beginner, we have great facilities that accommodate your need and great dive sites which are beautiful and not difficult.

In St.Lucia we have approximately 20 popular dive sites ll of which are different in their own way. Included in this 20 dive sites are 2 shipwrecks which are also very interesting and fun dives. Some of the more popular and world renowned dive sites are namely ; Anse Cochon, Superman's Flight, Smugglers cove, Lesleen M wreck, Daini Koyomaru Wreck, Piton reef, Coral Gardens and The Piton wall. All sites mentioned are not only divine but unique in their own way. The depth of these dives are usually between the range of 12m to 40m.

What may one see at these dives sites?

The Anse Cochon reef is a shallow dive with volcanic rock spurs where coral and songs grow and extend from end to end. Brain coral is prominent here and has grown all along the rock ledges which attract tons of aquatic life. Due to the frank beauty of this place divers often have their cameras guy charged and ready to go for some breath taking photos. This dive site is one of the most photographed in St.Lucia.

From there one might want to visit the Pigeon island reef which might be the most dived site in the north of the island due to its calm conditions, easy accessibility and low currents. Here you will experience aquatic life at its best with several sitings of the white and orange ocean frog fish and the amazing seahorse. Some Divers even choose night dives here for special photography and training courses.

The Lesleen M Wreck is another great site. This ship was sunk on purpose by the department of fisheries in order to create artificial coral reef. After the ship was sunk soft coral, sponge and hydroids grew creating the perfect habitat for all types of aquatic life. This dive is perfect for novice divers and everything from fire coral, to juvenile frog fish, angel fish and tuna can all be spotted on this dive.

Diving in St.Lucia is an unforgettable memory!!