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Sunday, 16 August 2015 13:48

Sailing in St. Lucia

St. Lucia's Volcano

Sunday, 16 August 2015 13:47

The Caribbean's only drive-in volcano

The well-known Sulphur Springs in Saint Lucia is the hottest and most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. The park is approximately 45 hectares and is billed as the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano. A walk through the crater takes you past pools and hot springs bubbling and belching with sulphur-laden steam. Just outside the Springs, you can bathe in the warm sulphuric pools, reputed for its soothing effects. The Sulphur Springs forms part of the story of the creation of the entire Caribbean basin.

The main area of Sulphur Springs comprises numerous hot springs, bubbling mud pools and fumaroles (steam vents) in an area of strongly hydrothermally altered clay-rich rock approximately 200 m x 100 m in size. Many fumaroles have temperatures 100°C or hotter, and temperatures of up to 172°C have been recorded

Geothermal systems such as Sulphur Springs form when rainwater seeps into the ground where it is heated by hot rock. The hot water becomes buoyant, and rises back to the surface along cracks. In some places the water is heated so much that it rises as steam. The heat source for the Sulphur Springs geothermal system is probably the cooling magma body responsible for the young volcanism of the Soufrière Volcanic Centre.

However upon arrival, administration has tried their best to make this place very informative and as visitor friendly as possible. There are a few major attractions here including a mini picnic park where one can enjoy a snack and a drink while basking in the aura of caribbean history. On site are also a total of four mineral pools where one can enjoy the hot, mineral rich water from either the black mineral pool or the love pool. The sulphur springs park is also known for it works class interpretation center.

A tour is available daily at the park and lasts between 20 to 30 minutes. On this tour there is a very well done 5 minute animation that shows you the history of the park. You are guaranteed to leave this place satisfied and well informed.


Sunday, 16 August 2015 13:46

Diving in St. Lucia

One of the any reasons one should visit Saint Lucia its because of our lovely marine life which makes diving a must do when in St.lucia ! Since the island is volcanic the waters surrounding our beautiful island is enriched with coral reef and all types of  marine life. To one who is an experienced diver we ensure that you all not be disappointed with our dive sites in St.Lucia neither shall you be disappointed with our diving facilities. To a beginner, we have great facilities that accommodate your need and great dive sites which are beautiful and not difficult.

In St.Lucia we have approximately 20 popular dive sites ll of which are different in their own way. Included in this 20 dive sites are 2 shipwrecks which are also very interesting and fun dives. Some of the more popular and world renowned dive sites are namely ; Anse Cochon, Superman's Flight, Smugglers cove, Lesleen M wreck, Daini Koyomaru Wreck, Piton reef, Coral Gardens and The Piton wall. All sites mentioned are not only divine but unique in their own way. The depth of these dives are usually between the range of 12m to 40m.

What may one see at these dives sites?

The Anse Cochon reef is a shallow dive with volcanic rock spurs where coral and songs grow and extend from end to end. Brain coral is prominent here and has grown all along the rock ledges which attract tons of aquatic life. Due to the frank beauty of this place divers often have their cameras guy charged and ready to go for some breath taking photos. This dive site is one of the most photographed in St.Lucia.

From there one might want to visit the Pigeon island reef which might be the most dived site in the north of the island due to its calm conditions, easy accessibility and low currents. Here you will experience aquatic life at its best with several sitings of the white and orange ocean frog fish and the amazing seahorse. Some Divers even choose night dives here for special photography and training courses.

The Lesleen M Wreck is another great site. This ship was sunk on purpose by the department of fisheries in order to create artificial coral reef. After the ship was sunk soft coral, sponge and hydroids grew creating the perfect habitat for all types of aquatic life. This dive is perfect for novice divers and everything from fire coral, to juvenile frog fish, angel fish and tuna can all be spotted on this dive.

Diving in St.Lucia is an unforgettable memory!!


Sunday, 16 August 2015 13:45

Description for The Pitons

Visiting St Lucia is certainly a must- do experience all its own, but what you do while you are there will make a big difference in how you remember the island. The Pitons, St Lucia’s two volcanic mountains, are certainly some of the island’s best features, and a Gros Piton hike is an experience unlike any other.

Gros Piton stands a remarkable 2,619 feet above sea level, and coupled with Petit Piton, it is the hallmark of St Lucia’s western coast.

From the peak, you can see not only the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean, but a vast portion of the island itself. A Gros Piton hike tour is the only way to see the island from this vantage point, and the experience you will have standing at the top makes it absolutely worthwhile.

When you decide to climb Gros Piton, you will experience the literal definition of high adventure. While it is possible to climb both Gros Piton and Petit Piton, only the former is legally sanctioned by the government of St Lucia. Petit Piton is much steeper and more dangerous, while Gros Piton offers safe hiking and a much more astonishing view.

The ascent can be a bit steep in some parts, but the hike is not too difficult for most travelers. The town of Fond Gens Libre is where you will find the interpretive center and where you will obtain a guide to help you make the trip.
Bringing along a guide during this hike is required, and you will find that the tour guides are locals who know the area very well and who can provide the ultimate tour experience. The hike itself can take between three to six hours in one direction, so starting in the cool morning hours is a must in order to ensure that you make it back to the bottom by nightfall.

It is also very important that you wear comfortable footwear that offers tread for stability as well as sunscreen to help protect your skin. A camera is also highly recommended, as the view from atop Gros Piton is something that very few locations in the world can even attempt to rival.

For any questions or query contact:
Hassan Rambally 
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Pigeon Island

Sunday, 16 August 2015 13:43

Pigeon Island National Landmark

Pigeon Island National Landmark is heralded as one of the most important monuments of Saint Lucia's history. It is a vivid reflection of the war for our great island. A living museum within a natural setting, Pigeon Island is being nurtured through careful protection and intelligent development to serve the intellectual, cultural and recreational needs of all guests that visit this historic site.

The magnificent, 44 acre island reserve, off the North West, was originally surrounded by water but was joined to the mainland by a man-made causeway in 1972. Recognizing the need to secure this site where the balance of late eighteenth century naval power was decided, the Government of Saint Lucia designated Pigeon Island as a National Park in 1979 and as a National Landmark in 1992. It is open to visitation 365 days a year. Pigeon Island National Landmark has a number of heritage attractions and amenities which include:

  • •Remains of military buildings used during the war between the French and the British for the island of Saint Lucia.
  • •An Interpretation Centre describing the rich history of the island and the war over it.
  • •Two beautiful beaches and a restaurant filled with local cuisine.
  • •A pub and restaurant with a historical theme.
  • •A lookout point at the top of the Fort which gives a panoramic view of the Northwest coastline.

Pigeon Island was first occupied by the Amerindians. The French who owned the island in 1778 declared war on the British, who retaliated by attacking them in Saint Lucia and capturing the island. The British then built a Naval Base at Gros-Islet Bay, heavily fortifying Pigeon Island. From there they were able to monitor the French fleet in Martinique which resulted in the defeat of the French at the Battle of the Saints in 1782. Pigeon Island was therefore a key factor in the Battles between the British and the French.

This spectacular site filled with a rich history is now the perfect spot for picnics, weddings or just a regular family day at the beach. The old fort over looking Gros Islet is now a very popular spot to hike and get great pictures of the beach, the neighboring village, the subtle Caribbean Sea and Martinique the island to the north of us. Pigeon Island is one of the places that needs to be on the bucket list when visiting St.Lucia.

Sunset Villa

Friday, 31 July 2015 22:35

Situated on the highest point of the southern side of the Marigot Bay overlooking the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.

Terrace Villa

Thursday, 30 July 2015 12:20

This comfortable and spacious villa suite is located 2 minutes walk to the water, marina, and all waterside restaurants at Marigot Bay.  With it warm tiles and Caribbean decor, it overlooks Marigot Bay. 

Marigot Bay Penthouse Villa

Thursday, 30 July 2015 12:18

Marigot Bay Penthouse Villa - Vacation Villas in St. Lucia

The Marigot Bay Penthouse - is ideally situated right in the heart of Marigot Bay within a 2 minute walk to the water, shops, and four waterside restaurants.

Our villas reflects our French Creole heritage with large balconies, high ceilings, and a complete kitchen ready for any gourmet meal.

Fully air-conditioned and ceiling fans along with spacious balconies are some of the main features of this villa.  Our bathroom features a glass block shower and large mirrors. 

Marigot Grande Villa

Thursday, 30 July 2015 03:43

The Marigot Grande House with panoramic wraparound balconies offer some the most spacious accommodation in the Eastern Caribbean.  This property reflect or French creole heritage and architecture. 

Panoramic Villa

Thursday, 30 July 2015 03:42

The Panoramic Villa Suites with open balcony, large kitchen and living area offer some of the most spacious accommodation in Marigot Bay.